Industry Roundtable Report published

On the 28th October 2016 eu-LISA hosted an Industry Roundtable entitled "Interoperable IT systems for Europe: Towards more Harmonisation, Quality and Efficiency" in Tallinn, Estonia.

eu-LISA started the meeting by delivering a presentation based on the Commission’s Communication on Stronger and Smarter IT Systems for Borders and Security, the concept of interoperability as presented therein was introduced, potential benefits for stakeholders highlighted and possible approaches to implementation discussed.

In follow up discussions, the need for standardisation of data entries in order to be able to query multiple systems in a harmonised manner was emphasised. The importance of data quality in interoperable systems was also frequently mentioned. Obstacles that need to be overcome were noted, including the need to present solutions that complement those already in place at national level and that add value to all stakeholders.

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