Extending the Schengen area to include Bulgaria and Romania

MEPs reiterated on Tuesday their call on EU Council to take a swift and affirmative decision to include Bulgaria and Romania as fully-fledged members in the Schengen area. The non-legislative report was adopted by 514 votes to 107, with 38 abstentions.

EU ministers should admit Bulgaria and Romania to the border check-free Schengen area as soon as possible, MEPs urge.

A two-step approach - first ending checks at internal sea and air borders, followed by stopping checks at internal land borders - would pose a number of risks and could negatively impact the future enlargement of the Schengen area, say MEPs. The decision should therefore be taken in the form of a single legal act.

Parliament also calls on EU Ministers to decide on Croatia’s Schengen accession as soon as Croatia has successfully met the required criteria.

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