eu-LISA News Item

Executive Director at working meetings in French Ministry of the Interior

The Executive Director of eu-LISA, Krum GARKOV, is on a visit to the French Ministry of the Interior to discuss priorities with regards to European Union border management and asylum as well as European Union internal security in light of the recently issued European Commission New Agenda for Security and Migration.

During the meetings with French administration on 9 June the eu-LISA delegation will highlight the strategic objectives and main projects of the Agency in mid-and long-term perspective as well as the ways how the Agency can support  the Member States in the implementation of priorities set in the Internal Security Agenda of the EU. The aim of the Agency is to constantly provide Member States with added value through technology solutions in support for a safer Europe. The progress of the Smart Borders Pilot project, carried out during 2015 by eu-LISA, in which France is one of the participating countries and plays a substantial role will also be discussed. 


On 05 December 2013 the Executive Director of the European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice (eu-LISA), Krum GARKOV, and the French Minister of Interior, Manuel VALLS, signed the Site Agreement between the Agency and the French Government.

The Agency is placed in three geographical locations – the headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia; the operational site in Strasbourg, France and the business continuity site for IT systems in Sankt Johann im Pongau, Austria. eu-LISA manages the IT systems that provide platforms for law-enforcement collaboration, border management and asylum support on a pan-European level.



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