European Commission launches a public consultation on EU's internal security strategy

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to the public consultation on the renewal of the EU Internal Security Strategy for 2015-2020.
The initiative was launched by European Commission - Directorate-General for Home Affairs. Contributors are invited to address the following questions by 03 October:

  • Which specific challenges need to be tackled by EU action in the coming five years regarding international crime, radicalisation and terrorism, cybercrime and cyber-attacks, natural and man-made disasters? What role should the border security have in addressing those challenges?

  • Taking into account the developments in the next five years, which are the actions to be launched at the EU level?

  • Which specific research, technology and innovation initiatives are needed to strengthen the EU´s capabilities to address security challenges?

  • What is needed to safeguard rights of European citizens when developing future EU security actions?

  • How can the EU´s foreign policy improve the security within the EU and/or your country?​

To participate click here