Happy Europe Day!

Happy Europe Day! Today, we celebrate the incredible unity and diversity that make Europe so special. As we honour Europe Day on 9 May, let's take a moment to reflect on the dreams, hard work, and sacrifices that have brought us this far together.

Our shared values are the secret sauce behind the EU's strength, guiding us through tough times and inspiring us to strive for a better future for everyone, no matter whether they're EU citizens or kindred spirits. These values fuel our mission at EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies: to create a Europe that's safe, secure, and open to all.

From safeguarding Europe's security to championing human rights, we're dedicated to making Europe a fairer and safer place for all. So, as we celebrate Europe Day, let's come together to commemorate unity, progress, and the incredible journey ahead!

On this Europe Day, we also recognise the principles of peace and unity that form the very foundations of the European Union. The EU's significance is unmatched, with eu-LISA's mission to protect EU citizens from security threats while preserving our shared freedoms through technology. 

None of this would be possible without the spirit of cooperation and shared vision upheld by our institutional partners and all EU Member States. As we mark two decades of EU membership for Estonia, we're reminded of the strength found in unity.

Over the years, eu-LISA's responsibilities have expanded to include justice systems alongside border and security management. Today, driven by our commitment to using the best technological practices, we stand closer than ever in cooperation with all our partners for a safer Europe.

On this day, let's celebrate the enduring spirit of collaboration and shared commitment through which we contribute to the prosperity and safety of the European Union.

eu-LISA team celebrating Europe Day in Tallinn Freedom Square 9 May 2024

Photo credit: eu-LISA