Environmental Statement 2022 Published

The publication of the EMAS Environmental Statement on our website is a crucial step in transparently communicating our organisation's commitment to environmental sustainability. This statement serves as a public declaration of our adherence to the requirements of the European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), highlighting our dedication to continuous improvement in environmental performance. By making this statement accessible online, eu-LISA aims to foster trust among stakeholders by providing a clear overview of our environmental objectives, achievements, and ongoing initiatives.

The overall objective of the Agency is to decrease its carbon footprint and production of waste, as well as to minimise excessive consumption of energy, water and paper.

eu-LISA will encourage the use of renewable energy sources and strive to increase the energy efficiency of its buildings, in accordance with relevant Union legislation. Furthermore, any forthcoming expansion of the Strasbourg technical site will fully comply with the applicable environmental and energy efficiency regulations.

The applicable environmental requirements to eu-LISA's daily operations come from local regulations, Estonian for Tallinn, French for Strasbourg and Illkirch-Graffenstaden, and Belgian for Brussels. These regulations derive in the vast majority from European directives or regulations. In addition, the French site located in Strasbourg is under a prefectoral operating order. This requires to be fully compliant with the requirements imposed by the local authorities.

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