EES - VIS – Interoperability Webinar

On 31 March, 236 online participants attended the eu-LISA ΄Interoperability Components between VIS and EES΄ webinar.

The Visa Information System (VIS) allows countries in the Schengen Area to exchange visa data related to free movement within its borders. The Entry/Exit System (EES) will register time and place of entry or exit of third-country nationals, and calculate the duration of their authorised stay, thus replacing the obligation to stamp passports at border crossings.

The purpose of the webinar was to give an overview of the current capabilities and functionalities of the VIS architecture, its business processes and the impact the introduction of EES and interoperability aspects will have on VIS.

Participants at the webinar consisted of Member State professionals that currently working with VIS and are interested in understanding the evolution of the system as well as the VIS-EES interoperability components that are being introduced.

The recording of the webinar and the slides presented are now available on eu-LISA's Learning Management System (LMS) for authorised users.

EES; Interoperability; Member States; Training; VIS