Council agrees negotiating mandate to strengthen VIS

In response to changing migration and security challenges, the EU is improving its Visa Information System (VIS), a tool used by authorities to register and check persons applying for a visa to enter the Schengen area.

EU ambassadors today agreed the Council's negotiating position on a proposal to amend the Visa Information System (VIS) regulation. On the basis of this mandate, the Council Presidency will start negotiations with the European Parliament once the latter has adopted its position.

We have a duty to ensure that those coming into the European Union do not pose a threat to our citizens and are not using false pretences to get round existing migration rules. The new VIS rules will help improve security, especially via the registration of long-stay visa and residence permit applications in the system.
Herbert Kickl, Minister of the Interior of Austria

The main aims of the amending regulation are to:

  • further strengthen the security of the short-stay visa procedure
  • include long-stay visas and residence permits in the database
  • ensure interoperability between the VIS and other relevant EU systems and databases

Information in the VIS

Under the proposed new rules, the VIS will not only include information on short-stay visas but also on long-stay visas and residence permits, as these documents allow for free movement within the Schengen area. Registering these documents in a centralised database will help the authorities to verify their authenticity and validity.

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