Advisory Group Meetings Highlights

The 36th Eurodac Advisory Group and the 35th SIS II Advisory Group (AG) meetings were hosted by eu-LISA on 2 and 3 March 2021 respectively.

Convened in a digital format, the meetings dealt with the election of the chairperson for the Eurodac AG and deputy chairpersons for both the Eurodac AG and the SIS II AG, and updated participants on the state of play of the two large-scale IT systems.

Lorenzo Rinaldi (Italy) was re-elected as chairperson of the Eurodac AG and Franc Kumer (Slovenia) was re-elected as the Eurodac AG Deputy Chairperson. The deputy chairperson of the SIS II AG is Erwin Zweers (the Netherlands).

The Multi-System Exercise 2020 report, the impact of Brexit on the usage of the two systems, the status of the SIS recast implementation, and Eurodac-Interoperability requirements were also on the agenda. Other topics included the integration of Cyprus in SIS II testing activities, as well as the 2021 training plans for both systems.

More than 100 Member State representatives, observers and Agency staff attended the meetings.

The next SIS II AG meeting will take place on 5 May, followed by the Eurodac AG meeting on 6 May.

Each AG meeting contributes to informing all involved stakeholders about the latest developments and improving the IT systems that form the Schengen Area's digital resilience and strengthen Europe's internal security.

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