A busy year ahead for eu-LISA and its Management Board

Today the eu-LISA Management Board convenes digitally to carry out its first meeting of 2021 and immediately starts, hands-on, to keep the pace and focus needed to efficiently implement the priorities of the Agency, in coordination with the Member States, other Justice and Home Affairs Agencies and the European Commission.

The Board will mainly concentrate on the implementation status of EES, ETIAS, Interoperability, ECRIS-TCN and the SIS recast, at both central and national levels. The exchange of information and subsequent discussion will revolve around the preparedness of the Member States for the planned testing phases as well as the state of play in individual countries regarding operational and business processes.

"2021 will be yet another busy year for eu-LISA. The ongoing digital transformation of EU internal security and justice is a broadly recognised fact. eu-LISA has a clear role in the related pan-European processes to transform traditional business models into digital ones. This can only be done in close partnership with the eu-LISA Management Board. I am happy to jointly keep the "technological engine" in full motion and develop it further for the current and new IT systems in the domain of border and migration management as well as security and safety," emphasised eu-LISA Executive Director Krum Garkov, underlining the important role of cooperation.

To facilitate regular exchange of information with expert groups and to stay on top of the set priorities and planning processes, eu-LISA will organise close to 100 expert-level and governance meetings with its stakeholders this year.

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