What We Offer

eu-LISA offers competitive pay and a comprehensive welfare package with additional allowances depending on staff members' personal circumstances.

The conditions of employment of staff at eu-LISA are based on the rules, principles and working conditions of the European civil service, as detailed in the Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities.


Sickness and medical insurance
Unemployment insurance

​A competitive EU pension scheme



Contribution towards sports and fitness club memberships

​​Annual medical check-up

​​Language classes

Assistance from the expatriate services team

Tax advantages for expatriate staff provided by the Estonian authorities


Expatriation and related allowances

​Type of allowance 
​Who is eligible?
​Expatriate staff (staff member who is not and has never been a national of the State in whose territory he or she is employed)
​16% of the total of the basic salary, household allowance and dependent child allowance. The expatriation allowance shall be not less than 639.94 € per month
​Foreign residence
​Staff member who is not a national of the State in whose territory she or he is employed, but do not qualify for expatriation allowance
​4% of the total basic salary, household allowance and dependent child allowance
​Allowance when taking up duties
​New staff who have to move country to take up employment at eu-LISA

> ​Installation allowance to help staff settle at the place of employment

> Daily allowance intended offset costs of temporary residence

> Reimbursement of removal expenses, initial travel to the place of employment and annual travel expenses

Family allowances

Type of allowance
​Who is eligible?
​Staff who have dependent children, or are married and spouse's income is below a specified limit
€ 215.91 plus 2% of the basic salary monthly (subject to local weighting)
​Dependent child
​Staff who have dependent children under 18 years of age (or 26 years of age if the child pursues further education)
​​€ 471.80 per child monthly (subject to local weighting)
​Staff with children of pre-school age (0-5 years), not yet in primary education
​​€ 115.26 per child monthly (subject to local weighting)
​Nursery contribution
​Staff with dependent children attending nursery
​​Contribution towards nursery costs
​Staff with dependent children attending primary, secondary or higher education
​​Contribution towards education costs for children in primary, secondary education (up to ceiling) or flat-rate for higher education/university
​Access to European School
​Staff with dependent children attending primary or secondary school 
​​Children have a guaranteed spot in the European School in the country where the staff member is employed (Tallinn, Strasbourg, Brussels)

The basic amounts are applicable from 1 July 2023

Leaves and absences

  • Flexible working hours, and time off in compensation for overtime;

  • Unpaid leave;

  • Annual leave;

  • Maternity, paternity and parental leave;

  • Special leave in certain circumstances such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, and other family events;

  • Special working arrangement for breastfeeding mothers;

  • Agency closure during holiday season.


eu-LISA offers competitive salaries, based on a basic salary scale for each contract type, function group and grade.

Staff pay a European tax, which is deducted from their salaries at source. Deductions are also made for sickness and accident insurance, pensions and unemployment insurance. Salaries are exempt from national tax.

Staff members' basic salary and certain allowances are subject to a local weighting (correction coefficient) to adjust them to the cost of living compared to Brussels. The current weighting for the Agency's location in Tallinn, Estonia, is 98.9% and in Strasbourg, France, is 119.5%. 

The final salary is calculated by adding the relevant allowances and by deducting social security contributions, solidarity levy. 

As part of eu-LISA's staff, you will be insured against sickness, risk of occupational disease and accident, as well have the right to receive payment of invalidity allowance. The insurance may be extended as well to your spouse and children. In addition, after completing a minimum of 10 years' service and after reaching the pensionable age of 66 years, you benefit from the EU pension scheme, to which both the Agency and you make monthly contributions.

Table of the amounts of basic monthly salaries for each grade and step in function groups AD and AST referred to in Article 66 of the Staff Regulations, applicable from 1 July 2023.


Step 1
Step ​2
21 423.29
​​22 323.53
18 934.61
​​19 730.28
16 735.00
17 438.26​
14 790.98
15 412.50​
13 072.74
​​13 622.07
11 554.11​
​12 039.62​
10 211.93
​10 641.03
9 025.62
9 404.89​
​7 977.14
8 312.35
7 050.47
​​7 346.74
6 231.42​​6 493.29
5 507.55
​5 738.98
4 867.76
​5 072.29
4 302.25
4 483.07​
3 802.49
3 962.27​
​3 360.76
3 501.98

Table containing the amounts of the scale of basic salaries provided for in Article 93 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants, applicable from 1 July 2023.

​Function groups

5 768.89
4 506.36
3 982.82​
3 982.81
3 520.14​
​3 111.21
II​5​2 749.58
2 430.10​
2 339.68

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Download our simplified salary simulator to have a better idea about the salaries at eu-LISA.
Please note that this is a generic simulator and the actual salary value can be different from the value presented by the simulator.
If you have any questions, or find an anomaly in the salary simulator, please contact our team through the email: eulisa-RECRUITMENT@eulisa.europa.eu

For more detailed information about the conditions of employment of officials and other servants of the European Union, please consult the Staff Regulations document, available in all official EU languages: