​​​​​​Information management/ exchange in the EU can and must be made more effective and efficient, in full respect of fundamental rights including, in particular, the right to the protection of personal data.

There are several information systems at EU level that provide border guards as well as immigration and law enforcement officers with relevant information on people posing a security threat; further such systems will be developed in the coming years. For this support to be effective, the information provided by EU information systems needs to be not only complete, accurate and reliable but also instantly available.

eu-LISA is set to play a crucial role in the technical implementation and development of interoperability of EU information systems. Systems interoperability will ensure information availability, improve the effectiveness of service delivery while reducing costs and ensure improved identity management across eu-LISA IT systems. eu-LISA’s recently revised and expanded mandate enables the Agency to bring this work forward.

The three existing large-scale IT systems under the operational ma​nagement of the Agency and future systems will be made interoperable.

The proposed measures will not lead to an increase in the collection of new data. They provide a targeted and intelligent way of using existing information held in EU systems to the best effect, in full respect of data protection safeguards.

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Video - Achieving Interoperability for a Safer Europe