Mandate and Activities

​​​The Agency strives to support and facilitate European policies in the area of justice, security and freedom. It pro-actively supports and promotes effective cooperation and information exchange between relevant EU law enforcement bodies by ensuring the uninterrupted operation of large-scale IT systems a​​nd thereby contributes to free movement of people within and to the Schengen Area.

The Agency is guided by a number of implementation principles:

  • the agency recognises its people as its biggest asset and will constantly look to attract, retain and develop highly qualified professionals, who share the values of the agency and who are motivated and committed to achieve its mission and objectives;

  • the agency builds its success through an effective and open partnership with Member States and EU institutions, contributing thus to the achievement of common goals;

  • the agency builds and maintains credibility with its partners in the EU through the successes and professional capabilities of its team;

  • the agency will strive to promote operational excellence providing high-quality services and solutions to Member States that is aligned with their needs and priorities, highest standards of data protection and security; provisions applicable to the systems under its management.

  • the agency will apply principles of good governance and cost-effectiveness to the conduct of its business operations.