​​​​​​​​​​​​​​eu-LISA pursues to extend and foster relationships with all relevant parties, most often referred to as stakeholders, including EU Member States and Associated Countries, EU Institutions (in particular EU Council, European Commission and European Parliament), EU Agencies as well as international organisations, the academia, research organisations, non-governmental organisations and the media. 

The eu-LISA Strategy for 2021-2027 states the need to continuously build trust within the Agency’s stakeholder community. Furthermore, it points out that the  main challenge  for  eu-LISA in  the  years  2021–2027  will be to leverage complexity of the systems and capabilities and resources of the organisation towards high expectations, ambitious objectives and requirements of its stakeholders. It also emphasises the need for a long-term strategy to ensure that eu-LISA would be able to continuously increase the value proposition to its stakeholders, aligning the capabilities of technology and competencies of the organisation with the needs of the partners.

eu-LISA’s vision of growing as a centre of excellence builds to a large extent on close and fruitful relations with the Agency’s diverse stakeholders, hence the relations with its partners  are an important priority for the Agency.