JHAAN Final report 2023https://www.eulisa.europa.eu/Publications/Information Material/JHAAN Final report 2023.pdfJHAAN Final report 2023This report captures the JHAAN’s activities in 2023, the progress made, and common milestones achieved. It underlines the steady commitment of the JHA family to upholding the fundamental rights, freedoms, justice and security of all individuals within the European Union.37{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}
10 Years as the Digital Heart of Schengenhttps://www.eulisa.europa.eu/Publications/Information Material/eu-LISA_10_Year_Photobook.pdf10 Years as the Digital Heart of SchengenIn 2022 eu-LISA celebrates its tenth year of operations. For the past decade, the Agency has focused on transforming traditional models for border and migration management into digital ones, working side by side with EU Institutions and Member States to ensure that new technologies are trustworthy, bring added value to people, and are used solely for legitimate purposes, allowing the citizens of today and tomorrow live their everyday lives safely in an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.30{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}
eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2024–2026https://www.eulisa.europa.eu/Publications/Corporate/eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2024–2026.pdfeu-LISA Single Programming Document 2024–2026The Single Programming Document (SPD) for the 2024–2026 period presents a structured overview of the Agency's planned objectives and activities to ensure transparency, accountability and efficient use of the financial and human resources allocated to eu-LISA. This SPD serves as guidance to eu-LISA's priorities and activities based on the Agency’s operational objectives and the EU's political priorities. As such, it provides eu-LISA's stakeholders with clarity and assurance that the Agency is taking a systematic and consistent approach toward fulfilling its mandate by efficient use of allocated human and financial resources.55{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
eu-LISA Industry Roundtable November 2023https://www.eulisa.europa.eu/Publications/Reports/Industry Roundtable Report - Nov 2023.pdfeu-LISA Industry Roundtable November 2023On 23-24 November 2023, eu-LISA hosted an industry roundtable entitled ‘Digitalisation of Justice – Turning Challenges into Opportunities’ in Madrid, Spain, and online. It focused in particular on digital technologies that improve access to justice, including tools such as secure videoconferencing, platforms for the exchange of digital evidence, and technologies for data management and sharing. 158{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}