eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2022eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2022The eu-LISA Consolidated Annual Activity Report gives a structured overview of the progress made with implementing the Agency’s annual work programme for 2022 and achieving the objectives outlined in the Single Programming Document 2022–2024. This report aims to provide eu-LISA stakeholders with clarity and assurance that the Agency has implemented a systematic and consistent approach to efficiently utilise allocated human and financial resources to deliver its mandate.48{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2023-2025eu-LISA Single Programming Document 2023-2025The Single Programming Document (SPD) for the 2023–2025 period presents a structured overview of the Agency's planned objectives and activities to ensure transparency, accountability and efficient use of the financial and human resources allocated to eu-LISA. It serves as guidance on eu-LISA's priorities and activities based on the Agency’s operational objectives and the EU's political priorities. As such, it provides the Agency's stakeholders with clarity and assurance that eu-LISA is taking a systematic and consistent approach toward fulfilling its mandate by efficiently using allocated human and financial resources.47{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2021eu-LISA Annual Activity Report 2021In 2021, eu-LISA’s work was built around three key priorities (1) implementing new legislative initiatives, including Interoperability and the SIS Recast, (2) ensuring the stable operation of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs information systems entrusted to eu-LISA, and (3) proceeding with the second extension of the Agency's technical site in Strasbourg.46{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}
eu-LISA Strategy 2021-2027eu-LISA Strategy 2021-2027This document summarises the eu-LISA Strategy for 2021–2027 laying down the foundations and the direction for the strategic development of eu-LISA over this period. The Strategy takes into consideration the present responsibilities of the Agency and new opportunities ahead as well as the increased expectations and demands from its stakeholders. This Strategy builds on the achievements and developments to date and provides direction for further development of eu-LISA’s core capabilities in line with the 2018 revised Establishing Regulation with regard to the operational management and development of the systems under its control, to provide quality services and technology and business expertise to the Member States and EU partner institutions.44{0b4e03b6-1177-4c03-a910-2cd131f3a3e0}