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#discoverEULISA Awareness Package#discoverEULISA Awareness Package is a one-stop shop that presents eu-LISA and its business areas in a fresh and interactive way. The mini-website contains everything you need to know about the various activities of eu-LISA as well as material and resources, which you can use in your work and share - interactive webpages, dedicated pop out windows, animation videos, links back to the Agency's corporate website and take-away PDF downloads. Each of the large-scale systems in eu-LISA's mandate has its own area, as do interoperability, Member State Training, R&D and Reporting and Statistics.28{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}
eu-LISA - European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justiceeu-LISA - European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justiceeu-LISA is the EU Agency that operationally manages the Union’s largest IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice. With information technology, eu-LISA safeguards the EU’s internal security and supports the implementation of asylum, migration and border management policies for the benefit of European citizens. Since 2012, eu-LISA has ensured that Europe’s freedom, security and justice management systems are safeguarded for generations to come.27{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/eu-LISA%20(DE).pdf">eu-LISA%20(DE).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/eu-LISA%20(ET).pdf">eu-LISA%20(ET).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/eu-LISA%20(FR).pdf">eu-LISA%20(FR).pdf</a>
Eurodac - Information on European Asylum ApplicationsEurodac - Information on European Asylum ApplicationsEurodac is the European Asylum Dactyloscopy Database, managed by eu-LISA, which assists in the processing of European asylum applications. It is a centralised database that collects and handles the digitalised fingerprints of asylum seekers and irregular migrants. It helps determine the Member State responsible for examining an asylum application. National asylum authorities use Eurodac to store new fingerprints and compare existing records on asylum seekers. This aids the detection of multiple asylum applications and thus reduces “asylum shopping”. Law enforcement authorities and Europol can also access the system – under strict conditions – to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist and other serious criminal offences.26{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/Eurodac%20(DE).pdf">Eurodac%20(DE).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/Eurodac%20(ET).pdf">Eurodac%20(ET).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/Eurodac%20(FR).pdf">Eurodac%20(FR).pdf</a>
SIS - The most widely used IT system for security and border management in EuropeSIS - The most widely used IT system for security and border management in EuropeThe Schengen Information System (SIS) is a large-scale IT system, managed by eu-LISA, which supports internal security and the exchange of information on persons and objects between national police, border control, customs, visa and judicial authorities. Since the Schengen area has no internal borders, SIS assists national authorities in sharing information with their European counterparts whilst performing border checks, and in the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism, all of which with respect to the latest EU data protection requirements. In 2018, eu-LISA launched the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which introduced a biometric search capability in SIS, allowing for the identification of persons of interest solely using fingerprints.25{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/SIS%20(DE).pdf">SIS%20(DE).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/SIS%20(ET).pdf">SIS%20(ET).pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2019/SIS%20(FR).pdf">SIS%20(FR).pdf</a>