e-Learning workshop for JHAAN Agencies held at eu-LISA

e-Learning experts from across the JHA Agencies as well as their counterparts from the Council of Europe, Interpol, the University of Tartu and other international organisations, convened at eu-LISA's Headquarters on 19 June 2024 for a workshop, within the framework of eu-LISA's ongoing Presidency of the JHAAN.

Delegates gathered in-person and online, for the second time since the creation of the JHAAN, and discussed topics that included evaluation strategies and challenges in digital learning, user experience in digital learning environments, as well as, interactivity and engagement in the context of digital learning.

Workshops such as this are an opportunity to foster and enrich inter-agency dialogue in terms of digital learning, training, and professional development by covering technical, theoretical, and other aspects related to the EU agency-specific training ecosystem. Occasions like this help sustain and act as a platform for continuous knowledge exchange, sharing of experiences, and best practices in the field.

With a total of thirty-two participants, all sessions of the workshop were marked by an exchange of best practices and innovative solutions aimed at improving digital-leaning offerings.

This workshop underscored the commitment of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies, and partners present, to enhance training efforts and formats, ensuring that the recipients and users of digital training, today and tomorrow, can benefit to the utmost from the tailored content.

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