Roundtable on potential future biometric solutions for Smart Borders

Call for Expression of Interest

Participation in eu-LISA roundtable on potential future biometric solutions for Smart Borders 


eu-LISA will deliver a pilot project in 2015 that aims to test the technical solutions for the Entry-Exit System and Registered Traveller Program proposed by the European Commission. Depending on progress and outcomes of subsequent discussions, the Agency may be charged with the eventual development and deployment of the systems. Both systems will make use of biometric solutions for both verification and identification purposes. In this context, eu-LISA should be aware of state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions and upcoming developments that could be useful in Smart Borders and that may improve system performance and/or effectiveness.

Organisation and context

eu-LISA intends to organise a roundtable meeting "Future of automated border management" in early November in Tallinn, Estonia. The event will be focused on developments in and the evolution of biometric solutions as a key element of automated border management. It will provide an opportunity to establish a dialogue between eu-LISA and the industry, to exchange information and views regarding proven methods and solutions and to share ideas for future developments that may be relevant in the context and for the purpose of the forthcoming Smart Borders pilot. Discussions will be open to all attendees and no bilateral meetings will be organised.  The aim is to assemble and share thoughts; under no circumstances should the event be considered as a prelude or an advantage to future procurement exercises. The focus will be on recent and near-future developments and only public information shall be shared with participants.


The event will involve a combination of short presentations and open discussion and will be split into a keynote session followed by two sessions focussing separately on strategic and tactical issues. Strategic discussions will focus on choosing appropriate modalities and technologies and maximising the potential benefits of biometrics in large-scale IT systems going forward, specifically focussing on the potential Smart Borders solutions. Tactical discussions will be more practical, focussed on specific solutions and technologies that may be of interest in the short and medium term and could be utilised in the Smart Borders pilot and potentially the live systems at a later stage.

A non-exclusive list of topics that may be of interest on the day may include:


  • Uses of fingerprints, facial recognition and iris recognition in centralised systems

  • Advanced combinations of biometrics with alphanumeric search

  • Exploiting multimodal biometrics

  • Associated technological advances: mobile solutions, self-service,…

  • Improving data protection with protected templates or using other means



  • New devices and hardware, including mobile devices capable of secure wireless transmission and devices for use in difficult conditions

  • Biometric quality checks

  • Biometric interchange file standards

  • Anti-spoofing measures, especially at the software level and deployable centrally

  • Improving latent searching

Participation and Logistics

eu-LISA would like to call on biometric system developers, vendors and integrators to express their interest in attending the event. Attendees may have the opportunity to present their work and/or give small-scale live demonstrations of their solutions should it be technically possible on-site. Please note that eu-LISA will select appropriate presentations and demonstrations from those proposed based on the potential relevance of the presented material for the Agency and especially for the Smart Borders pilot and future systems. Capacity is limited and eu-LISA reserves the right to select attendees based on their areas of expertise and knowledge and their likely relevance to the proposed discussions. The Agency will not be in a position to cover any costs associated with attendance at the event.

Please express your interest to eu-LISA, exclusively by completing the questionnaire available at:

Final details regarding the location and other arrangements will be provided directly to participants at a later stage.

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