Happy International Women’s Day!

Technology is an essential part of our everyday lives and in eu-LISA, technology is our life. To ensure that the technical solutions we create address all the issues and concerns that brought their need, we require equally smart women and men to develop them. Maintaining gender proportionality in the Agency is just as important to us as keeping our IT systems up and running.

We are pleased to see that the gender balance in our Agency is improving year on year, with a steady increase in the number of female colleagues. Today, eu-LISA employs a total of 104 female professionals, with an average age of 42, representing 32% of the total staff distributed between the Agency's headquarters in Tallinn, where around 49% of the staff is female, and our operational site in Strasbourg, where 24% of the staff is female.

From the operational management of essential IT systems to Finance, from Logistics to Data Protection and from HR to policy making, at eu-LISA we have women in key positions across all business areas. In addition to our new Executive Director, the main positions held by women in eu-LISA are Head of Unit, Head of Sector, Senior Policy Officer, Data Protection Officer, Senior Liaison Officer and Senior Information Technology Officer.

eu-LISA is committed to attracting Europe's best talent in our recruitment processes and to diversifying our workforce. The Agency attends job fairs, both online and offline, to attract women to careers in IT. We do our best to hire and retain the best, making Europe a safer place to work and live in.

We believe that working in an EU institution is both rich in exciting and meaningful challenges and, at the same time, provides a safe environment in which to fulfil one's potential. Equal treatment of staff in the performance of their daily work, in the provision of new and exciting challenges and in their remuneration, is a rule we firmly uphold.

We would like to thank all our female colleagues and cooperation partners for the drive and dedication they bring to our work and the efforts they make to keep the digital heart of Schengen beating strong.

Happy International Women's Day!