EMPACT 2023 results published

The 2023 results of the EU's flagship instrument to fight organised crime have been published. Across its 15 crime areas, EU-wide law enforcement and judicial actions have led to:

  • 13 871 arrests
  • over €797 million seized
  • over 197 tonnes of drugs seized
  • 15 644 investigations initiated
  • 6 801 migrant smugglers arrested
  • identification of 7 500 victims of trafficking of human beings

EMPACT optimises coordination and cooperation on crime priorities affecting EU Member States. Crime fighting actions are carried out by law enforcement and judicial authorities at national level supported by EU Institutions and EU Agencies, including eu-LISA. Where relevant, public and private sector organisations, international bodies and third countries are involved as well.


As a contribution to EMPACT, eu-LISA has organised training sessions on the role of Eurodac and SIS in tackling the facilitation of illegal immigration. With regard to the 2022-2025 priorities, eu-LISA has announced its participation in the cyberattacks, migrant smuggling and firearms trafficking.


EMPACT stands for the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats. It ensures an integrated approach to EU internal security, involving measures that range from investigations, external border controls, police, customs and judicial cooperation to information management, innovation, training, prevention and the external dimension of internal security, as well as public-private partnerships where appropriate.

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