Corporate Identity

In July 2021 eu-LISA rolled out a new Visual Identity. This is constructed around a new eu-LISA logo and the graphic elements that establish the Agency's visual language for communication.

The Visual Identity Manual presents the guidelines to be respected on all eu-LISA productions, digital and printed, and for internal and external audiences.

The use of these guidelines will ensure that the Agency:

  • presents a professional and consistent message through visuals;
  • gives a recognisable and coherent image to eu-LISA;
  • presents eu-LISA as an established, cohesive and modern organisation.

Kindly follow the guidelines and apply the style elements as outlined in the manual when you need to mark collaboration with eu-LISA. Please do not reproduce, copy, download or crop eu-LISA logo from the website of the Agency or other internet sources. Please contact our Communication Team at to receive the required files.

eu-LISA's Communication Team is at your disposal for clarifications on the correct interpretation and implementation of the logo for internal and external uses, as well as for enquires from contractors and service providers for professional usage (vector files, professional templates, etc.).