The Role of Security in Ensuring the Success of the EU Policies in the Area of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA)

The continuous availability of processes in the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) area currently depend more and more on IT support. This requires appropriate security and resilience measures to assure lifecycle-support to the IT systems. This includes organisational and infrastructural measures aimed at sound management of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. These IT systems, including the largest information system for public security and law enforcement cooperation in Europe (SIS), are vital for the security and free movement of European citizens, and for that reason require uninterrupted functioning.

Security in practice:

eu-LISA applies the highest current industry standards of information security as well as best practices to its operational processes. Regularly issued security reports capture and summarize the impact of the Agency's effort to apply these practices.

The Security Unit creates synergies in the area of Justice and Home Affairs by exchanging best ICT practices with stakeholders, which leads to enhanced common security standards at central and national levels.

The growing internal expertise in relevant technical areas allows the Security Unit to effectively manage risk and optimise the controls that limit the extent of security incidents (such as data loss or data unavailability).