What is EMPACT?

EMPACT is an EU Member States driven instrument to identify, prioritise and address threats posed by organised and serious international crime. It is all at once a mindset, an ad hoc management environment, and a structured multidisciplinary co-operation platform of the relevant Member States, supported by EU Institutions and Agencies (Europol, Frontex, Eurojust, CEPOL, OLAF, eu-LISA, EFCA, etc.), associated non-EU countries, international organisations and other (public and private) partners.

EMPACT was first implemented between 2012-2013. This was followed by two fully-fledged 4-year cycles in 2014-2017 and 2018-2021. In March 2021, the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on the permanent continuation of EMPACT as a key instrument for operational cooperation to fight organised and serious international crime.

EMPACT follows four-year cycles which start with the assessment of criminal threats and the adoption of the EU crime priorities. For each of these priorities, annual operational action plans are then developed, implemented and monitored. At the end of the 4-year cycle an independent evaluation is carried out to assess its implementation and outcome and to feed into the next cycle.

Priorities for 2022-2025

The 10 EU crime priorities adopted by the Council are based on the recommendations identified in the 'EU serious and organised crime threat assessment' (EU SOCTA) and take into account other strategic papers, assessments and policies.

  1. High risk criminal networks
  2. Cyberattacks
  3. Trafficking in human beings
  4. Child sexual exploitation
  5. Migrant smuggling
  6. Drug trafficking
  7. Fraud, economic and financial crimes
  8. Organised property crime
  9. Environmental crime
  10. Firearms trafficking

Details and breakdowns within the sub-areas of the priorities can be found on the Council of the European Union's dedicated webpage.


As a contribution to EMPACT, eu-LISA has organised training sessions on the role of Eurodac and SIS in tackling the facilitation of illegal immigration. With regard to the 2022-2025 priorities, eu-LISA has announced its participation in the cyberattacks, migrant smuggling and firearms trafficking.

2023 Results