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European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice




Eurodac 2015 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report.pdfEurodac 2015 Annual Report27/02/2017 22:00:00pdfThis report includes information on the management and the performance of Eurodac in 2015. An overview of the Report is also available in the Eurodac 2015 Annual Report - Factsheet.45
Eurodac 2015 Annual Report - Factsheet 2015 Annual Report - Factsheet.pdfEurodac 2015 Annual Report - Factsheet27/02/2017 22:00:00pdfThis factsheet contains the highlights of the Eurodac 2015 Annual Report and should be considered as an annex to the report itself46
2016 eu-LISA Annual Conference Report Annual Conf 2016 - PDF.pdf2016 eu-LISA Annual Conference Report18/01/2017 22:00:00pdfJHATech 2016 Aligning the capabilities of technology with policy priorities in the areas of migration and internal security Evolution of the JHA landscape in recent years has brought different challenges to the fore. Those working in the field are challenged by an apparent increase in the threat of terrorism, changing patterns and trends in migration and an expectation that the myriad potential threats apparent at borders can be detected. It is clear that assurance of internal security requires a cohesive approach that cuts across traditional boundaries between border control, asylum management and law enforcement. Authorities involved must work together to ensure the availability of relevant data at the time that it is required and to allow for the combination of data as necessary to inform decision making. Read the full Report!44
Protecting Large-scale IT systems developed and/or managed by eu-LISA from modern threats Large-scale IT systems developed and or managed by eu-LISA from modern threats.pdfProtecting Large-scale IT systems developed and/or managed by eu-LISA from modern threats09/01/2017 22:00:00pdfSecurity must be a core element of all activities undertaken in an IT-focussed organisation. eu-LISA, for legislative reasons but also as a centre of excellence in the provisions of IT services, emphasises assurance of system and data security in all of its activities. Modern technology when appropriately chosen and implemented facilitates strong IT security and information assurance. Yet such is the range of technological innovations on the market and in the final stages of product development that appropriate decision making on implementation can be difficult. This document, based on monitoring of technologies and their development in the past year, seeks to report on the state of current and emerging cybersecurity-relevant technologies.43

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