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European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice




2016 Eurodac Annual Report Eurodac Annual Report.pdf2016 Eurodac Annual Report24/07/2017 21:00:00pdfThis report includes information on the management and the performance of Eurodac in 2016. An overview of the Report is also available in the Eurodac 2016 Annual Report - Factsheet.53
Eurodac 2016 Annual Report - Factsheet - Eurodac AR factsheet.pdfEurodac 2016 Annual Report - Factsheet24/07/2017 21:00:00pdfThis factsheet contains the highlights of the Eurodac 2016 Annual Report and should be considered as an annex to the report itself.54
SIS II - List of competent authorities 2017 C228 14 07 2017.pdfSIS II - List of competent authorities 201717/07/2017 21:00:00pdfEach year, since it assumed the operational management of the system, eu-LISA publishes the list of competent authorities which are authorised to search directly the data contained in SISII as well as the list of National SIS II offices and the SIRENE Bureaux. All linguistic versions are available on the Official Journal of the European Union (14.07.2017, OJ C 228).The second generation Schengen Information System ( SISII ) is a large-scale IT system that supports public security, border control and law enforcement cooperation in Europe and it is managed by eu-LISA since May 2013.52
Eurodac - Statistics 2016 - Factsheet Eurodac annual statistics - factsheet.pdfEurodac - Statistics 2016 - Factsheet15/05/2017 21:00:00pdfEurodac is a centralised EU database that collects and processes the digitalised fingerprints of asylum seekers. Set up in 2003, it is currently used by all EU-28 countries as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Eurodac stands for the EUROpean Asylum DACtyloscopy database. Pursuant to Article 8(2) of Regulation (EU) No 603/2013, at the end of each year eu-LISA shall make public statistical data on Eurodac for each Member State. This factsheet should be read in conjunction with the full statistical report (also available on this website).50

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