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European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice

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eu-LISA Annual Conference 2016 - Highlights Gallery/JHATech 2016 overview-SDeu-LISA Annual Conference 2016 - Highlights23/01/2017 22:00:00JHATech 2016 - Aligning the capabilities of technology with policy priorities in the areas of migration and internal security eu-LISA hosted its annual conference in Tallinn, Estonia, on 27th October 2016. Attendees at this year's event were afforded the opportunity to take a fresh look at the role of technologies in the domain of Justice and Home Affairs and the extent to which new and innovative developments can support implementation of policy. Watch our highlights video!100
Working for you! Gallery/Working for you!Working for you!28/01/2016 22:00:00"40+ areas/years/agencies Working for you" is a short promotional video produced in 2015 by the European Commission to highlight the Eu Agencies Network and how their work results contribute to the everyday life of European citizens.89
Krum Garkov at LIBE Committee 25-01-2016 Gallery/Krum Garkov at LIBE Committee 25-01-2016Krum Garkov at LIBE Committee 25-01-201625/01/2016 22:00:00eu-LISA Executive Director Krum Garkov presenting the results of the JHAA Network's activities in 2015 (under eu-LISA's chairmanship) to the LIBE Committee on Monday 25th January 2016.79
eu-LISA Annual Conference 2015 - Afternoon Highlights Gallery/eu-LISA Annual Conference 2015 - Afternoon Highlightseu-LISA Annual Conference 2015 - Afternoon Highlights25/11/2015 22:00:00On 8 October 2015 eu-LISA held a working-level Conference in Tallinn entitled “The future tested: Towards a Smart Borders reality”. The conference aimed to convene a diverse group of stakeholders and experts to discuss the evolution of border management in Europe and the technical solutions to be put in place. The various speakers and panellists involved in the conference evoked findings from the Smart Borders pilot and other relevant experiences at international level to elicit ideas and feed creative thinking towards smarter border solutions in the future. Attendees also had the opportunity to look beyond Smart Borders and reflect on possible developments in the long term. Note that the purpose of the conference was not to disclose the overall results and conclusions of the Smart Borders pilot, with the main emphasis being on evolution of border checks generally with the Smart Borders work being just one input to discussions. The one-day conference brought together up to 140 delegates from European Union Institutions and Agencies, national authorities of EU Member States, international organisations, academia and other stakeholders.74

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